Internet Decisisions

Books by Keith Herndon

The Decline of the Daily Newspaper: How an American Institution Lost the Online Revolution

The Decline of the Daily Newspaper
This book describes how the once powerful newspaper industry in the U.S. failed to adapt in the online era. From a historical perspective, the book examines the issues that shaped the industry during the formative years of the online era through to today’s mobile media. Using numerous examples, the book critically details how newspaper companies viewed online media forms, how they deployed them, and for what purpose. This analysis provides insight into how the decisions made during the early years of the online era influenced the industry's current economic condition.

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Entrepreneurs and Innovation: Creating Value with Emerging Technologies

Entrepreneurs and Innovation
Innovation can be defined as taking an idea and creating something of value from it --- a new product or new service that transforms its market. Innovations Publishing has compiled this collection of expert interviews to provide insight into the process of pioneering technological change. The dozen interviews feature entrepreneurs and those who support entrepreneurs offering personal advice in areas such as raising capital, protecting intellectual property and confronting the challenges of running a business.

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Raising Capital When You Don't Have a Silicon Valley Address

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Raising capital can be a time consuming and daunting process. Innovations Publishing has compiled this collection of a dozen in-depth interviews with fund-raising experts to offer insight into the process and to provide practical advice that will benefit any entrepreneur, expecially those far from the action of Silicon Valley.

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