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October 2008: Herndon's New Book on Innovation Provides Entrepreneurs with Advice and Insight

Atlanta, GA (October, 2008) - Entrepreneurs seeking to turn an innovative idea into reality can find insights and practical advice in "Entrepreneurs and Innovation: Creating Value with Emerging Technologies," a recently published compilation of expert interviews.

The book's dozen interviews reveal the characteristics of entrepreneurial companies that succeed by facing down risk to create products and service that transform their markets, said Keith Herndon, the Atlanta-based consultant who conducted the interviews and edited the compilation. "Successful innovators share many of the same traits; they aggressively protect their intellectual property, they go after market segments that represent huge potential customers and they approach their innovations with extreme passion," Herndon said.

The book was published by Atlanta-based Innovations Publishing, LLC, and can be purchased online at

"The book's release is timely in that it provides a platform for discussing the creation of value when so much recently has been about the destruction of value," said Chris Hanks, a principal in Innovations Publishing and Director of the Entrepreneurship Program at the University of Georgia's Terry College of Business. "The current economic climate makes it very important for entrepreneurs to study closely the traits and characteristics that have made others successful. The spirit of innovation remains intact, but entrepreneurs now have less margin for error."

Herndon said entrepreneurs seeking to build a business around a new idea will find relevant insights applicable to their own circumstances. "We talked with several successful entrepreneurs who relate their experiences in their own words, and we also interviewed experts in intellectual property law, technology commercialization and venture capital who dispense a lot of practical advice," Herndon added.

Incredible advances in communication and computing technology have contributed to a surge of innovative activity, a trend that now encompasses such fields as biotechnology, clean technology and alternative energy. Herndon's introduction explores the ubiquity of technology in a world that produces more transistors than grains of rice. The abundant inexpensive computing power has formed a platform that encourages innovation across a broad spectrum of industries.

John Bacon, a partner at IP2Biz, states in his interview, ". . . the opportunities today to find inventions that can fuel the creation of wealth are greater than they have ever been. I've been in this game since the middle 60's and there has never been anything like this. There are new frontiers to be explored."

Entrepreneurs reading the advice contained in this compilation of interviews will better understand how the marketplace reacts to innovation and can use that insight to better position their businesses to attract customers and capital investment. Other experts featured in the compilation include: David Lidsky, Fast Company magazine; Stephen Fleming, Georgia Tech; John Harris, Morris, Manning & Martin; Mitch Mumma, Intersouth Partners; Tony Stelliga, Quellan; Steven Stice Ph.D., University of Georgia and Aruna Biomedical; Jax Zachariah, Cyspan; Vibha Rustagi, itaas; Dolan Falconer, ScanTech Holdings; Tripp Rackley, Firethorn; and Mitch Mandich, Range Fuels. The book's foreword was written by Ben Dyer, president of Innovations Publishing and the founder of Peachtree Software.

About Innovations Publishing, LLC

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About the Interviewer

Keith Herndon is president of Internet Decisions LLC, an Atlanta-based market research and strategic planning firm. Herndon, a former business writer and editor at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, also held several executive posts before starting Internet Decisions. He was President of a business incubator, Vice President of Planning and Product development at Cox Interactive Media and Director of Operations at Cox Radio Interactive. Herndon was actively involved in the Cox corporate venture activity, conducting business and technical diligence. He served on the board of directors of a Cox investment recipient and was a board adviser to other investment recipients. For more information, please visit