Internet Decisisions


February 2007: Herndon Participates in GSU Panel on "Doing Business in a Socially Networked World."

Atlanta, GA (February 27, 2007) - Wikis, blogs and podcasts are emerging as key business tools as companies around the world seek to leverage the power of social networks, according to a panel discussion held in partnership with the Robinson College of Business at Georgia State University and Innovations Publishing.

"Wiki technology is catching on in organizations that need a powerful way for groups to collaborate on projects without spending a lot of money on expensive, proprietary systems," said Keith Herndon, President of Internet Decisions LLC, an Atlanta-based strategic planning and research consultancy. "Technologies that have been associated with social networking are finding a home in businesses because they are effective and make economic sense for a lot of companies."

Herndon spearheaded Internet-based community publishing efforts as a Vice President at Cox Interactive Media. He has worked with two Internet Decision's clients on wiki solutions for project management and content management. Herndon also is on the advisory board of Communitey SM, an Atlanta-based start-up company creating a new platform for groups to publish web content.

"Social networking technology is tapping into the Web 2.0 movement as well as the Open Source software movement to give businesses options they did not have just a few years ago," Herndon said. "It is a powerful trend."

For more information read the press release about the event from Innovations Publishing.