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July 2012: Herndon's Third Book Released by Peter Lang Publishing

New York, NY (July 30, 2012) - Peter Lang Publishing announced the publication of a new book by Dr. Keith Herndon, President of Atlanta-based Internet Decisions, LLC. This book about the historical relationship between the newspaper industry and online media is Dr. Herndon's third book.

The Decline of the Daily Newspaper: How an American Institution Lost the Online Revolution is based on research Dr. Herndon conducted as part of a Ph.D. program in Internet Studies completed under the supervision of Matthew Allen, Ph.D., at the Curtin University of Technology in Perth, Australia.

"This book is the culmination of several years of research. The project began in 2004 before the other two books were even contemplated, but this one became a systematic research effort to explain how the newspaper industry arrived at its current condition," Dr. Herndon said. The book was released as part of Peter Lang's Digital Formations series, which is edited by Dr. Steve Jones, Distinguished Professor of Communication at the University of Illinois-Chicago.

Dr. Herndon's history of the newspaper industry's relationship with online media begins in 1980 when the industry was a pioneer in digital endeavors. It chronicles the period when the newspaper industry confronted the emergence of the Internet as a consumer medium and discusses the operating practices of newspapers as they attempted to exploit online opportunities. Dr. Herndon's research was informed by his personal knowledge of the newspaper and Internet industries drawn from a long career in both fields.

"My career in media parallels the timeline of the book in many ways; the research was cathartic in that it allowed me to dispassionately step back and apply an academic method to discern what happened to an industry that I loved so much," Dr. Herndon stated.

He added, "While the book is about the newspaper industry, its conditions speak to a broader audience in that many industries have struggled to compete in the digital era. Students as well as business executives can glean valuable insights into current business challenges by studying the historical experiences of an industry that faced – and continues to face – radical change."

Herndon's previous two books were compilations of interviews with experts: Entrepreneurs and Innovation: Creating Value with Emerging Technologies was published in October 2008, and Raising Capital When You Don't Have a Silicon Valley Address was released in 2007. Both books were published by Innovations Publishing LLC.

In addition to his position at Internet Decisions, LLC, Dr. Herndon has been an adjunct professor at Kennesaw State University where he has taught a variety of communication courses. He has also taught media ethics and served as an executive-in-residence at the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Georgia, his undergraduate alma mater. He began his career as a reporter and editor at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and served as its Administrative Editor, a post that included oversight of publishing technology. He was later Vice President of Operations and Vice President of Planning and Product Development at Cox Interactive Media.

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Internet Decisions is a research services and strategic planning firm. It assists companies and organizations of all sizes with a variety of services including competitive intelligence, vendor analysis and various types of market research. Created in 2005, the Atlanta-based firm specializes in several vertical markets including technology, media and entertainment, education, financial services and healthcare. Internet Decisions enjoys a research partnership with Marietta-based CSM Research. The firm also produces industry white papers and training material and conducts strategic training at the executive level.