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November 2007: Herndon Introduces "Raising Capital" Book at RCB Eagles Banquet

Atlanta, GA (November 6, 2007) - Raising capital can be daunting, but success is possible for those emerging growth companies who commit to a process and follow the advice contained in "Raising Capital: When You Don't Have a Silicon Valley Address," said Keith Herndon, who compiled the book of a dozen interviews with funding experts.

Herndon publicly introduced the new book at the awards banquet for the Georgia State University Robinson College of Business' Eagles program, an initiative that honors exceptional private companies in the Southeast. The banquet, held at the Commerce Club, attracted executives from high-growth companies, service providers as well as Georgia State faculty and students.

RCB Banquet Picture

Herndon presentation at RCB Eagles Banquet introduces book on raising capital.

The interviews conducted for the book provide great insight into the characteristics of companies that gain institutional funding, Herndon told the audience. "Three major characteristics emerged from the interviews that describe these companies: quality management, a large potential market for the product or service and entrepreneurial passion," he said.

Herndon, president of Internet Decisions LLC, an Atlanta-based business research and strategic planning firm, conducted and edited the interviews for the book, which was released by Atlanta-based Innovations Publishing, LLC. Innovations Publishing ( was established in 2002 to promote and educate emerging growth businesses in the Southeast. Its flagship product is Southeast Innovations, a subscriber-supported weekly e-newsletter that reports news on more than 700 privately-held companies based in the region. Innovations Publishing has partnered with Georgia State University to operate the RCB Eagles program, and provided each attendee at the banquet with a free copy of the book.

"The interviews also contain practical advice. For example, the experts warn against cold-calling potential investors. They maintain that such an approach rarely works and suggest that entrepreneurs network to gain warm introductions," Herndon said. "Any entrepreneur running an emerging growth business and who is thinking about raising money from outside investors will find this book to be a very useful guide."

The book can be purchased online directly through

The release of the book coincides with a rebound in the capital markets for entrepreneurs, which are the strongest they have been since the Internet bubble burst more than five years ago. Nevertheless, the competition for funding remains intense. Darrell Glasco, Venture Capital Relationship Manager in the Southeast for SVB Silicon Valley Bank, makes it clear in his interview that raising capital means proving your business is worthy: "The issue isn't finding capital; it's finding a good company to put the capital in," he said. And serial entrepreneur Jim Stratigos, currently CEO of Jacket Micro Devices, tells entrepreneurs that they must demonstrate commitment: ". . . you have to ask yourself if you are ready to be an entrepreneur. Are you ready to devote the time it's going to take to do it? This means making your company the center point of your life for several years."

Entrepreneurs reading the advice contained in this compilation of interviews will understand how funding professionals think and can use that insight to better position their businesses to attract capital investment. Other experts featured in the compilation include: Knox Massey, Atlanta Technology Angels; Sig Mosley, Imlay Investments; John Mills, SBIR Assistance Program, State of Georgia; Lori Whitted, Atlanta Life Venture Fund; Wright Steenrod, Chrysalis Ventures; Charles Moseley, Noro-Moseley Partners; John Huntz, Arcapita Ventures; Ted Bender, Croft & Bender; Alan Koenning, UPS Strategic Enterprise Fund; and Rick Winston, E.H. Winston and Associates.

Herndon, a former business writer and editor at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, also held several executive posts before starting Internet Decisions. He was president of a business incubator, vice president of planning and product development at Cox Interactive Media and director of operations at Cox Radio Interactive. Herndon was actively involved in the Cox venture activity, conducting business and technical diligence. He served on the board of directors of a Cox investment recipient and was a board adviser to other investment recipients. For more information, please visit