Internet Decisisions

Speaking Topics

Innovate or Die

Business leaders must understand the next wave of innovation and how technology trends will affect businesses as well as consumers. This presentation explains the importance of embracing innovation and offers practical for advice for managers or entrepreneurs trying to start or grow a company. Attendees will learn the following:

* Note: This topic can be expanded into its own presentation, drawing on the insights from Keith Herndon's recent book, a compilation of expert interviews entitled "Raising Capital When You Don't Have a Silicon Valley Address."

Using Technology to Get Things Done

Do you think of your technology spending as overhead; money you secretly wished you could divert to sales and marketing? Managers who think this way may be missing the point. This presentation offers the perspective of technology as a productivity tool and provides advice on how to think strategically about the money your business spends on its technology. Making the right decisions about technology and the money allocated to it can separate you from your competition. Attending this presentation will help you answer several questions including:

The Internet is the Media

Since the Internet exploded onto the consumer scene more than a decade ago the public has embraced it for many things, but its rapid evolvement into the most powerful media distribution platform the world has ever known is perhaps the most significant development. Google's acquisition of YouTube and Fox's purchase of MySpace underscore the fundamental shift in media power. This presentation offers fascinating insight into how the media landscape has changed - and continues to change. You will learn about:

Using Research to Transform Your Business

Business Intelligence can mean a lot of things. For many it is about crunching internal data to find trends. However, if applied more broadly the term incorporates all sorts of activities designed to help businesses plan better and make decisions more effectively. Keith's presentation will help you understand how to harness the power of business research to learn about your markets, your customers and your competitors. The right information can empower a sales force as well as ensure that marketing dollars are spent wisely. A a member of the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals, Keith will explain how any organization - large and small - can engage in ethical intelligence gathering and transform the business.

Participants will gain an understanding of the following: